Lovestory – Untold Truth

The sunset was very beautiful from the window view of the aeroplane. Farhan was enjoying some thoughts in his mind and failed to blink his eyes viewing the mesmerizing sunset. The plane landed and Farhan was unstoppable in getting landed and going home. After collecting the baggage, the flower shop in the aisle attracted him … Continue reading Lovestory – Untold Truth

Keep a wish

Living a dream ain't easy unless you put your heart and soul into it. A goal/vision/milestone makes you move forward and skip your routine life. 90 out of 100 love to lead their life on a routine basis, so that riskfactors involved would be minimal, happiness guaranteed, but are they savouring theirlife? A big question … Continue reading Keep a wish

PMS & Moodswings

The breezy winds pass through the open window and show Lia a meadow. Whilst she is enjoying the impeccable climate and her irresistible coffee on her bed, she felt uneasiness down the stomach. A strong CRAMP it is, and she cannot bear it until she consumes the coffee completely. Keeping it aside and she went to … Continue reading PMS & Moodswings

My Second Father

My Son is 3+ years old and going daycare from 12PM IST to 5PM IST. He is a well obedient kid and loves people around. I see him caring for people he loves to be with irrespective of ages. He reads the facial expressions and comfort them whenever people needs a shoulder. Today he went … Continue reading My Second Father

Where I met him?

The wormhole helps travelers to connect past, present, and the future. The travelers started traveling across time and changing the future as they prefer. DARK is one of the most engaging web series, I have seen to date. Sic Mundus Creatus Est – Thus the World Created – A Latin Phrase. A secret society of … Continue reading Where I met him?

Be kind to one another!!!

I had a friend long ago and we separated owing to a few misunderstandings. One day she lost all of her valuables and reached home very much depressed. We were in a foreign land and she had no clue how to get back those valuables like passport, student visa. She sat at a corner of … Continue reading Be kind to one another!!!

Does love fade in years?

Yes, it will. How could you know that other person cares for you unless they stop giving tongue to you? A habitual question among committed or married for ages? Why this question? As we see, every couple stay loved and expresses their affection towards each other. How then the love fading away? May the hormones … Continue reading Does love fade in years?

Never be ashamed to say NO

I was hangdog of saying NO and never said NO for the requests put on me. I was told saying NO is a hardest way of being honest which all and sundry flunks to attain to the highest degree. Empathized that saying NO for the first time is acceptable but Its ignominy saying NO often. … Continue reading Never be ashamed to say NO

Take Away from BBT

A Bibliophile never hits the sack without even reading of page, so do I. Like daylight savings, I wish a time zone to spend nights alone with my books. How weird it is reading a book by hearing a webseries behind the cover? Since I started imagining things ghosted, I never be alone anytime leastwise … Continue reading Take Away from BBT

Man vs Wild

A news in recent time appalled the world : A pregnant elephant fed pineapple stuffed with crackers. World countries shamed the people who has done this and the state the people belongs to. Amidst the Covid hard times, we all compassionated of the poor creatures and prayed for their rest in peace. National media cover … Continue reading Man vs Wild