Lovestory – Untold Truth

The sunset was very beautiful from the window view of the aeroplane. Farhan was enjoying some thoughts in his mind and failed to blink his eyes viewing the mesmerizing sunset. The plane landed and Farhan was unstoppable in getting landed and going home. After collecting the baggage, the flower shop in the aisle attracted him to buy some bright red Gerbera flowers. “She will love this and maybe something else I could pick up before I head home” Farhan smiled a little from the corner of his lips and started rushing to the parking lot. 

A cab arrived before him and the driver helped him to settle the baggage in the trunk. Farhan happily sat in the backseat of the car and directed the driver to reach the destination as early as he could. Farhan’s smile did not fade off till he reached the home. The driver helped again with the baggage and said a big thank you for the huge tips and drove away. With a handful of gerbera flowers and her favourite Jimmy Choo heels with a Bow, Farhan tried to unlock the door. 

“It is locked, where she could be now? Mia knew very well that I was arriving on this flight but she did not care to pick me up nor welcome me here at the door” Farhan was disappointed. He tried to reach her number but it was switched off. Farhan remembered the spare key in the garden and he opened the front door. He allowed himself to walk through the hallway, and noticed that clothes were everywhere, dishes were dry in the kitchen sink, and there was some stinky smell from the leftover dumps in the garbage bag. Farhan panicked “Mia, Are you here? Baby are you okay?” But no responses from nowhere. 

With a heavy heart, Farhan opened the Master bedroom door and was shocked to see Mia inside the room. Mia was sitting on the bed keeping her head between the knees and Farhan could hear her sobbing. Farhan rushed to her, leaving all the flowers and shoes on the floor. “Baby! What happened? Are you okay? Are you unwell? Any problem? Please tell me and I am here for you. Don’t take everything on you, share with me baby” Farhan expressed his utmost concern. Mia lifted her head and Farhan could see the big eye bags on her face, red and swollen eyes, but she did not utter any word to him.  Farhan shook her shoulder “Mia what happened? Why are you like this? Is anything wrong after I left? Did anyone hurt you, are you unwell? Please talk to me, baby!”

Mia wiped her eyes, sat properly and asked “Where were you?“.

Farhan’s laughter reached the roof and replied “You gotta be kidding babe”.

Again Mia asked, “Where were you?”.

Farhan stopped laughing and looked at her “You know that I went on a business trip to Dubai. Why are you asking now?”

Mia sensed some seriousness in Farhan’s voice but she did not stop asking the question again and again “Where were you?”

Farhan lost his cool and started raising his voice “Have you gone insane? I keep saying that I was on a business trip to Dubai. What is your problem? Tell me that first.”

Mia sighed and showed him a screenshot of the mobile screen. Farhan’s face was pale after seeing the screenshot and replied back like “What is this babe? I do not understand anything” She replied with the same question “For one last time I am asking, Where were you?”

Farhan stuck to the same answer that he went to Dubai for a business trip. 

Mia rose from the bed and started collecting her belongings and packing. Farhan was confused seeing her behaviour and the screenshot. He finally stopped her and requested to sit on the bed, Mia refused to do so and kept packing everything she could see of hers. Farhan said louder “Okay! I can explain where I was, now please sit down”. Mia was shattered hearing Farhan’s acknowledgement but she did not care to hear the entire story and kept packing. Farhan forced her to sit by holding her wrist tightly, which Mia cannot take it off. 

After a few mins of struggle, Mia sat down and questioned sarcastically “Okay!!! Tell me where were you?” Farhan remained silent for a while.

“I have not got the entire day Farhan, tell me what happened and what the heck is this?” Showing the screenshot on her mobile again to Farhan. 

“I did not go to Dubai but I stayed in Delhi for an official meeting and that was the booking confirmation of my hotel room on your mobile ” Farhan said.  “Also tell me how you got this notification, did you snoop on me?” Farhan raised his voice. 

“Don’t you dare to ask me this question? You now know that I am getting to know about something you are hiding from me and I caught you red-handed but all you can ask is, Did I snoop you out. What if so, yes? What would be your answer then?” Mia thrashed him with a sequence of questions.

Farhan looked at her “It happened suddenly, bab. I completed my check-in and waited at the gate lounge to board the plane. Then there was an announcement about my flight cancellation due to some technical issues and an alternative flight was arranged after 5 hours. So I called my friend Vijay to schedule another meeting with a client that had been pending for a long time. ” Farhan held her hand “I accept that I made a mistake of not saying that I am not going to Dubai but staying in Delhi, other than that nothing wrong has happened. So be cool”

Mia did not share any reply and did not accept his explanation of the booking confirmation which she saw on her phone. Given a pause, she sarcastically asked, “So that’s it, I should be chill. Nothing wrong has happened right?”

Farhan immediately replied, “Yeah babe!”.

Another big sigh from Mia, she crackled her teeth and shared another screenshot of some random pictures in her mail inbox which was a forwarded copy from Farhan’s official email. 

Farhan froze and could not share any reply, Mia showed him an angry face and started packing again. 

To be continued……

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